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(sorry for the long post but this seemed like the best way to display these)

if you’ve been following my trajectory over the spring semester you are probably aware of my character design project and have seen some of the process works and tidbits here and there.  well here are my final submitted pieces!  unfortunately Zelda was left uncolored as we weren’t required to color character 3 and I never got the oomf up to do it for extra credit, but all in all i think the series came out pretty well!

here is the lowdown on the project and the roles the characters play:

the story is “Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, but there’s a twist: Instead of a fantasy setting, it takes place in prohibition-era New York City.  This means that…

  • Link, our protagonist, becomes a midwestern ranch hand who has been sent to the Big Apple on an important errand by his boss, but unwittingly gets swept up in an underground power struggle between  alcohol smugglers.
  • Midna, formerly the Princess of the NYC underground, has been beaten down by one of her competitors, Zant, and is now reduced to a singer in one of his speakeasies.  She enlists Link to help her get her revenge and regain her status.
  • Zelda is the daughter of the Governor and often spends her time cooped up inside.  She aids Link and Midna by surreptitiously goading her father into turning a blind eye to Midna’s tactics in getting back to power.
  • Zant is known as the Usurper due to his success in knocking Midna from her high standing, and has a reputation around the city that keeps many hardened criminals out of his path.  In actuality, he is the face of a smuggling operation that is truly run by another, a man that most only know through rumors.  Zant is all bark and no bite, and in the end is little more than a glorified dog walker.
  • Ganondorf is the true antagonist:  He has the city under his thumb and many police officers in his pocket.  While Zant is an empty shirt, Ganondorf is the real deal, and he is certainly not afraid to hurt people in order to get his way.
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